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70s TV Lithophane Box

By Julien Bonnevie Looking for an original 3D Printed lithophane idea? In this guide, you learn how to make a 3D printed TV lithophane box! 

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Best Resin for Lithophanes

How To 3D Print Lithophanes with 3D Resin & PETG

Did you know 3D-printed lithophanes can also be made with 3D Resin & PETG? Every material provides a slightly different look to the lithophane. It also requires a different approach to making lithophanes with different materials. In this post, Kelly-Ann Mattis, shares her journey on working with these different materials!

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3D printed jack o lantern

3D Printed Halloween Pumpkin Lithophane

In this guide, we will explain how to create a pumpkin lithophane perfect for scaring your neighbors during Halloween! The ItsLitho lithophane tool makes it easy to create this Halloween lithophane.

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How To Make a: 3D printed Color Lithophane

In this guide, we will explain how to create a color lithophane with the ItsLitho Lithophane maker tool. It’s essential to follow the guide because the colorful photo must have the exact dimensions of the 3D printed lithophane. We will explain you in this guide how to do this!

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Awesome Lithophanes With ItsLitho

With ItsLitho you are able to design your own unique lithophane in an easy and adaptive manner. Keep track of your design with the preview model, choose different shapes, add handy attributes and customize it the way you want!

Itslitho start designing your lithophane