Lithophane Guides

Learn About The Ins And Outs Of Making 3D Printed Lithophanes​

About the Itslitho lithophane guides

Hello and welcome on the Itslitho lithophane guide. If you don’t know what a lithophane is, and you want to know more about lithophanes, we have an article which tells you more about it! 

Who are we?

Itslitho is a 3D print lithophane maker or lithophane generator. Itslitho helps you convert digital images into 3D model STL files. The STL files are for the use of 3D printed lithophanes. But it does not only convert your image. The lithophane maker helps edit your image by giving you options to play with the contrast of the image. The tool gives you possibilities to make a shape for the lithophane and helps you customize it, add borders to your lithophane, add attributes to hold light. It even gives you quality options!

Lithophane guide

The ItsLitho lithophane guide will explain different aspects of making lithophanes with the lithophane generator. The tool has a lot of possibilities, which can create numerous creations. To clarify these options and possibilities we write lithophane guides for it. 

Plus, the lithophane tool is continuously in development for more features to add to the tool. These features sometimes need some explanation to it which will be described in our guides as well. 

We love to make lithophanes ourselves too. We come up with new ideas and creations we want to add to the tool on our journey making these lithophanes. 

If you want to keep track of our creations, you can follow us on social media, where we post our awesome creations!