ItsLitho Lithophane Maker Features

With four simple steps you can make your 3D print lithophane STL file!

Upload your image

Upload one or more images with the lithophane maker. When you upload more images they will be inserted into one model!

Edit your image

Edit your image with the ItsLitho image editor. Edit the contrast of the image to make it all set for the design.

Design your model

Select the shape you want to use and customize every aspect of it. Design your model with the easy sliders of ItsLitho. 

Download your STL file

When you have finished with your creation you can download it as a STL file.

Edit your image to make your lithophane even better

With the image editor from ItsLitho you are able to adjust the contrast of your uploaded image. The image editor can make the difference between a good lithophane and a wonderful lithophane!

Grey scalling

The grey-scaling method makes it able to convert your image in different ways to a grey-scaled image. The options are Averaging, Luminance and Black & White. Every option converts the image differently. The options make it possible to test what works best for your image. After choosing an option, you can play around with the sliders below to enhance it even more.

Pixel Editor

The Pixel Editor makes it able to edit the brightness and contrast of your image. Lithophanes are all about contrast in the image. You can adjust the contrast with the contrast slider. Besides the contrast, you can play with the brightness to lighten up or darken the picture.

ItsLitho image editor before

Image before editing

ItsLitho image editor after

Image after editing

Design your 3D model lithophanes

With the model creator from ItsLitho, you can design your 3D model lithophane in limitless ways! Design your shape, add a frame or border, add attributes as a stance or to fit over your lamp and more!

Itslitho shape options

Shape options

Itslitho has different shapes to work with. Pick the shape you want for your lithophane. If you want to be creative, adjust the settings of the shape the way you like it.

The current shapes to work with are the Plane, Cylinder, Sphere, Arc, Pumpkin, Vases, Bell and Lamp lithophanes.

Frame options

Itslitho has a frame and border option to style your lithophane even more! Add a border or frame and adjust it the way you like it with the sliders. Give your lithophane a better look!

Itslitho frame options
Itslitho quality options

Quality Options

Fasten up your work process with the ItsLitho preview model option. If the preview takes to long to load, set the preview model lower to work even faster! Increase the resolution of your final lithophane by adjusting the mm per pixel setting!


With the attribute options from ItsLitho, you can make your lithophane complete! Depending on the way you want to display light behind your lithophane. ItsLitho gives you the ability to design the attribute the way you like it with the provided options.

Itslitho attribute options
Itslitho model enviroment options

Model Environment Options

ItsLitho provides environment options to preview your lithophane more realistically. You can try out different light colors behind your preview. You can also change the material color of the 3D model.

Image Options

With the image options from ItsLitho, you can adjust the image expression on the 3D model lithophane. You can adjust the image to a negative image. You can flip the image and adjust the placement of the image on the 3D model lithophane!

Itslitho image options

Download your STL file​

After creating your lithophane you can download the 3D model as a STL file! Just press the download button, it is that simple!

Lithophane + Attribute Together​

By pressing this button, the attributes and lithophane will be combined into a single 3d model. Such that you can print it in a single print.

Lithophane / Attribute apart

If you added an attribute to your lithophane you can also download the lithophane and attribute apart from each other. This will create two STL files. One with only the attribute and one with only the lithophane. This allows you to use different settings and/or filaments for the lithophane and attributes.

Color lithophane

ItsLitho has also the possibility to make a color lithophane. It creates a tailor-made jpg file that needs to be 2D printed. The 2D printed image should be put behind the 3D printed lithophane, the lithophane must be downloaded separately. We have a guide to explain this step-by-step!

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