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If you would like to learn more about us, you’re in the right place. Read the story behind the application and why we developed ItsLitho.


On our Facebook page we will announce our newest features and updates about our lithophane tool. We also have a Facebook group where the community interact with each other!


On our Instagram we share our own printed lithophane designs with you. We will show you the possibilites of ItsLitho. We also share your lithophanes when you mention our tool in your post!


On our Youtube channel, we share lithophane reveal videos, which we made with ItsLitho. We will also post instruction videos to guide you through some features in Itslitho!

Our story

ItsLitho is a joint venture of two friends from different disciplines. We started this project because we believed that it was possible to make 3D printed lithophanes more accessible to everyone. We wanted to make a lithophane maker application that was easy, fast and customizable for the users. Besides the idea, we were eager to learn more about web development and mastering new skills to achieve this goal. 

From Idea to Application

The idea came out of the frustration of the limitations in speed, customization, and user-friendliness with tools that were available at that time. With the ambition that it can be made better and easier, we decided to transform the idea into a project! With this idea in mind, we have put our knowledge together and started to improve our skills to make it happen.

After the first proof of concept a couple of months into the project, we were very excited and happy about the results and knowledge we have gained along the way. However, the website still needed more speed and better usability. 

6 Months after the proof of concept, we were delighted and proud of the results so we wanted to share our beta version application with the 3D-printing community. The reactions of the users were positive and excited. This gave us a new boost of energy after all the work we had put in.

Now that we’re up and running, we strive to push the application to new limits. Together with the community of ItsLitho users, we create new ideas and possibilities. It’s important to us, to listen to our users and building it together. Our idea list is endless and we are excited to implement all your and our ideas. The only thing that can hold us down, is time! 

No one likes to wait..

Waiting on your lithophane to be loaded and eventually crashes before it’s done, can be very frustrating. That’s why we wanted to build an application that is capable of breaking the speed limits. Besides the speed, we also focused on building a stable website and reduce the number of crashes to a zero.

Another frustrating part can be the lack of a good example of how your lithophane is going to look after adjusting your lithophane. As a lithophane designer, you want to have a clear indication of your final result.

We’ve spent nearly a month to increase the performance of ItsLitho to its max. As a result, this means an up to 15 times faster application which can generate lithophanes with up to 25 times more detail without crashing! This took our application to the next level!

For instance, you are now able to preview the lithophane in milliseconds to seconds with the highest quality, without crashing the website!

Show your creativity

As a lithophane designer, you want to have full control over your lithophane. Everyone has its creativity and vision of how you want your lithophane to be.

That’s why we from ItsLitho want to provide you with the opportunity to be creative and make your unique lithophane. 

ItsLitho is focused on customization options with on the other hand a realistic live preview of your adaptations, which creates a balanced application for you to work with, and let you be creative!

Besides the lithophane settings, we also added the option to import multiple images, add attributes for light holders, different shapes with highly customizable settings and much more!

All-in-one solution

A critical aspect of making a lithophane is editing the contrast of the image. It can make the difference between a good lithophane and an exceptional lithophane.

That’s why ItsLitho provides an image editor to make it possible to edit the contrast. The image editor contains to most essential contrast settings, such as contrast and brightness.

In combination with the preview possibility, you can edit the image and get a fast glimpse of how your lithophane is going to look after it’s printed!

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