Christmas Star Tree Topper – Star Lithophane (Update 2023)

Christmas Star Tree Topper Lithophane

Every Christmas Tree needs a topper, what’s better than 3D printing yourself a fancy Christmas tree topper? And with ItsLitho you can Personalize the tree topper with every image! 


3D Printed Christmas star Tree topper

Create your own 3D Printed Christmas star Tree topper Lithophane

Let your Christmas Tree shine even brighter this year with your personalized Christmas Tree Lithophane Topper! 

Use the image your would like, 3D print your Christmas tree topper & Light it up with a led strip. Let’s jump on how to make one yourself!

3D Printed Christmas star Tree topper


Material recommendations


3D Printed Christmas star Tree topper

Personalize Your Lithophane

The first step for making your Christmas Star Tree Topper lithophane is by designing your own lithophane. If you have never done this, here is a quick Youtube tutorial on how to make one yourself! 

For the Fir tree tip star lithophane we need to use the christmas shape and choose Star, so let’s go make one!

Prepare your image

Click on This Profile and load your Christmas star lithophane with all the correct settings instantly. 

The only thing you have to do is to add your own picture to create your own personalized lithophane. Adjust your min & max thickness depending on the filament you’ll use to print the lithophane. 

Edit star lithophane image itslitho

Every filament is slightly different, and therefore the minimum & maximum thickness could be different.  We suggest taking a look in our store at what filament works well with lithophanes, and find which thicknesses work best for the specific filament.

Correcting your image

To have the desired result at the level of the image it will be necessary that the dimension of the height is the same as the dimension of the width. It will also be necessary that the image be centered so as to have the most important element of it in the center. For this model, the ratio should be 1:1.

I use Gimp to modify the dimensions of the image, like the example below.

Image correction
image correction for star lithophane

After this first operation, you can play on image settings to improve brightness, contrast or any other parameter.


3D Printed Christmas star Tree topper

Download & Print your files

After downloading your lithophane, we need to download the Christmas Star Tree Topper from Cults3D.

The download package contains:

Slice & Print your Christmas ball

Now we got all the files we need, we need to slice & print the models. 

For slicing & printing your lithophane(s) we have written setting tips & provide you with free profiles here

For the Star and Border, please print them flat on the building plate, for the Basement, print them verticaly. No support needed. Nothing complex, just open, slice and print.

Layer thickness between 0.12 and 0.24 depending on the desired quality

Star box
Star box
Star Box Border
Star Box Border
Star Basement
Star Basement


3D Printed Christmas star Tree topper

Assemble your 3D Printed Christmas ball

When all parts are printed, you can assemble the Star.

We need to glue the base to star. For the assembly, please refer to the following picture:

Lithophane star attribute

You’re now ready to create your own amazing Christmas Star Tree Topper Lithophane with Led Light stip light using ItsLitho. Light up the Christmas Star & enjoy the magic! 

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