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  • ItsLitho

Convert your image to lithophane and design your 3D model Fast and Easy

Itslitho gives you the tools to be creative. Design your 3D print lithophane just the way you like it with limitless possibilities.


Why use ItsLitho for your lithophanes?

Extremely Fast

 ItsLitho can display your lithophane preview in a couple of milliseconds! This way you can customize and adapt your lithophane directly!

Unique Functionalities

ItsLitho has unique functionalities that are very useful for making your lithophane more unique and totally Customizable!

Incredibly Easy

ItsLitho is build to keep things easy. Adaptations are easily made with only one slide using your mouse. 


Make your lithophane with high detail

  • ItsLitho calculates every pixel of your image to create a high detailed lithophane. This creates a quality lithophanes that has never seen before on the internet!

Realistic Live Editor

  • The lithophane maker can display your lithophane in milliseconds! You can control the quality to take a better look at the final result of your lithophane.

Multiple Images

Use Multiple Images

  • With ItsLitho you can upload, create and place multiple images. Upload as many images as you want.

Realistic Preview

  • Get a realistic render preview of your lithophane. Try different light colors behind your design. And get a feeling of your design before printing!

Unique Shapes

Create Unique Shapes

  • Choose your shape and design it exactly how you want it to be! With the various customize options from ItsLitho, the possibilities are endless!

Add Atributes

  • You want a light holder attached or loose from the lithophane? No problem, you can design your attributes just the way you like it!

Discover the posibilities

How it works

Upload your image

Upload one or more images with the lithophane maker. When you upload more images they will be inserted into one model!

Edit your image

Edit your image with the ItsLitho image editor. Edit the contrast of the image to make it all set for the design.

Design your model

Select the shape you wanna use and customize every aspect of it. Design your model with the easy sliders of ItsLitho. 

Download your STL file

When you finished with your creation you can download it as a STL file.

ItsLitho Lithophane Maker Features

Image Editor

  • Multiple image upload
  • Grey scaling options
  • Brightness options
  • Contrast options
  • Flip image option
  • Positive/negative image option

Image to STL Creator

  • Different shapes + Multiple Customize options
  • Border and frame + Multiple Customize options
  • Light and standing support attributes + Multiple Customize options
  • Model quality options
  • Environment preview options
  • Placement of image on model options
  • Color lithophane option
  • Inside out option

“We believe a lithophane is a beautiful piece of art. Our goal is to provide everyone with the possibility of making their own and unique lithophane. To achieve this goal we made our application easy, fast, stable and customizable.”


Founders of Itslitho