Christmas Decoration: 3D Print Your Personalized Christmas Bell

By ItsLitho

Would you like to make your own personalized 3D printed Christmas decoration? In this guide we will instruct you step-by-step on how to model and personalize your own 3D printed Christmas bell ornament. 

3D Printed Christmas Ornament

During Christmas, we are happy to decorate our homes to enlighten the atmosphere. If you are in the possession of a 3D printer then you certainly want to make awesome Christmas decorations yourself! With the ItsLitho’s lithophane maker, you can make and personalize such awesome Christmas decorations, without spending hours of modeling.

A stunning feature of the Christmas bell model is that it’s a lithophane. This means that you can project any photo or multiple photos on your 3D printed Christmas bell. In other words, there are endless possibilities!

3D Printed Lithophanes Display

Christmas bell lithophane lantern light
Made by Luke Lewis

The Christmas decoration can be displayed in multiple ways. You can easily place them on something and place a light on the inside of the Christmas bell.  

We also made a hook attribute outside of the tool which can be downloaded at Thingiverse. The hook is specially made for the size of this profile. But you can downsize the hook the make it fit every size bell!

The hook makes it possible for you to hang it up. You can also light it up easily by wrapping LED strips around the base of the hook attribute. 

Another way to light it up is to use lantern lights. It requires measuring the light & inserting the diameter in revolve shape of ItsLitho. 

Step By Step Christmas Bell Guide

First, open the ItsLitho tool, preferably in a different tab to follow this guide. 

Step 1: Upload your image

First to go to the upload image tab, in the upper left corner of your screen. In this tab, you can upload one or multiple images to your preference. 

Once you’ve selected all the images you want to use, we can move on to the next tab.

Step 2: Edit your image(s)

In the edit image tab you can, as the name suggests, edit your image(s). Although not strictly necessary, it can greatly enhance your lithophane.

Adjusting the brightness and contrast settings may significantly improve the results of your lithophane. Most often increasing the contrast slightly and increasing/decreasing the brightness to prevent oversaturation, will do the trick.

Step 3: Create your Christmas bell lithophane

The most important tab is where you’ll create your Christmas lithophane, the “Create Model” tab. If the images don’t look as good on the 3D model as expected, then we can easily go back to the edit image tab and customize the image.

Christmas bell shape

The Christmas bell shape is one of the many shapes possible with the revolved shape. As we select the “revolve shape”, a carousel appears. We have added a couple of preconfigured shapes to give some ideas about what could be made!

One of these predefined shapes is the “bell” shape. Swipe this carrousel from one to right by dragging the carrousel or by pressing the button on the right. This will automatically configure your Christmas bell shape. You can tweak individual diameters to style the shape more to your taste. You can also make the bell larger or smaller by increasing or decreasing the “All diameters” option.

3D {rinted Christmas ornament bell
Made by Luke Lewis

We personally have made a large and small bell lithophane to test this shape. By default, the bell is quite big (156 mm). This can easily be reduced by reducing the height slider. All diameters will automatically be adjusted to keep the bell shape. 

The small bell lithophane was only 70 mm in height and looked really cute. Moreover, it was printed in just 7 hours!

At last, we like to have a darker band at the bottom of the bell to better resemble a real Christmas bell. You can do this by adding a frame to the bottom of your lithophane. This can be done by selecting the frame. After this, you should activate the advanced options and check the bottom checkbox only.

Step 4: Download your STL and print it!

The only thing left to do is to download your christmas lithophane! Press the download button in the lower right corner of the lithophane preview screen. Your high quality lithophane is now being generated which might take a few seconds. After this your download is ready! Just press the lithophane button to download the christmas bell lithophane.

The next step is to slice your lithophane and print it! Luckily the christmas bell lithophane is really easy to print, no supports are needed. If you kept the default diameter settings, then the overhang at the top of the bell is not too large.

Christmas bell 3D print hanging
Made by Luke Lewis

Christmas bell ornaments creations

We already printed two christmas bell lithophanes to test our new shape. This came out perfectly and it has found a permanent place in our Christmas decoration. We’ve found out that seamless Christmas textures work very well. But of course, family pictures will also work well. To get the most out of your picture, make sure that the faces are approximately located at the horizontal centerline.

STL Downloads

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