25 Cool 3D Prints That Will Amaze You

Out of 3D printing ideas? Searching for cool 3D prints? Check out our 25 Cool 3D Print Ideas That Will Amaze You. 

Do you ever have the feeling that there are too many boring and not useful 3D prints? That there are no new fresh 3D prints that can satisfy you? We certainly have been there. Sometimes inspiration is needed to get that fire going again. That is why we have been looking for useful, fun and helpful 3D prints that you are guaranteed to be satisfied with!


Fun & Cool 3D Print Ideas

Do you wish your cell phone speaker was just a little bit louder and perhaps more stylish? The Groovi Monster by 3DShook does just that!

Not only is the Groovi Monster a cool amplifier it also doubles as one of a kind cell phone stand!

Maker: 3DShook

Download: Cults3D


Fun & Cool 3D Print Ideas​

One of the best things I’ve 3D printed are Lithophanes. It has a magical feeling when the light shines through the lithophane for the first time after printing one. 

Lithophanes are created by converting an ordinary image into a 3D printable part. They work by varying the density of the material, depending on the grey scaling of the image. 

In short, thicker parts of the material will block more light and can be seen as darker parts on a lithophane. Thinner parts will block less light and therefor can be seen as lighter parts.

The best part about lithophanes is that you can make them of every image. You can make them with a picture of your family, your pets, your favorite Netflix series, just about everything. 

And with the help of ItsLitho, you can also do it very easily!

Free Tool: Itslitho


Fun & Cool 3D Print Ideas​

Who would have thought that we would ever live in a time where wearing a face mask out in public is the new norm? I will tell you, it definitely gives a new, found respect to the Health Care Workers who have to wear them day in and day out.

If you have ever worn a surgical mask for any length of time, I am sure you have noticed how quickly it begins to irritate the back of your ears! Luckily Suraky created a quick and innovative solution with the Surgical Mask Strap.

Simply loop your surgical mask around the strap instead of those beautiful ears and POOF! You’re done.  

Maker: Suraky

Download: Thingiverse


Fun & Cool 3D Print Ideas​

Looking for a new unique way of presenting a gift? The Labyrinth Gift Box by Thingiverse user sneakypoo is here! Where is the fun in ripping open a Holiday or Birthday card to reveal a gift certificate in a matter of seconds?

Let’s make them earn it! The Labyrinth Gift Box only has one clear path to open it a reveal its contents, guaranteed to keep the user entertained for a while!

Maker: sneakypoo 

Download: Thingiverse


Fun & Cool 3D Print Ideas​

What’s better than cool gadgets? Making them yourself! This Card Shuffler by LarsRb puts the cool back into card games. In fact, just the other night I was playing a card game with my family and I thought to myself, “what if I had a machine that would shuffle the cards for us?”

BOOM! Here it is!

Maker: LarsRb 

Download: Myminifactory


Fun & Cool 3D Print Ideas​

One of the best things about 3D printing is that it captures the imagination! That is exactly what The Impossible Table does. Is it floating, or is it levitating?

Thingiverse user Oak600 has created a super easy 3D print. At first glance The Impossible Table appears to be floating in mid space. However, upon further examination you can see that it is actually balanced by some well placed strings!

Maker: Oak600

Download: Thingiverse


Fun & Cool 3D Print Ideas​

I undoubtedly love mechanical things, combine that with the added pleasure of annoying your co-workers. This design is definitely one of the more intricate designs on your list and it shows.

As MLEPH states in his description, he has over 200 hours in just the design alone. That is a ton of work to put into something and give it away for free!

Maker: MLEPH

Download: Cults3D


Fun & Cool 3D Print Ideas​

A bottle opener is one of those things that I always seem to be looking for and no it’s not just because I like beer! Well maybe if my bottle opener doubled as a cap gun it would be easier to find?

Now with 3DEDDY’s latest design you can not only open your favorite drink, you can then shoot the cap into the trash can! Or, that person who isn’t paying attention to you during a conversation, HA!

3DEDDY’s innovative Bottle Opener and Cap Gun, is yet another one of those cool mechanical designs, that doesn’t disappoint.

Maker: 3DEDDY

Download: Thingiverse


Fun & Cool 3D Print Ideas​

Tired of laying your phone down on your desk or night stand only to find that you cannot watch your favorite Netflix or Youtube channel without that annoying kink in your neck? Then look no further! Thankfully Arron_mollet22, has put together a very elaborate over the top cell phone holder that will not only, put your neck at ease, but also attract the attention of others!

He calls it the Mechanical Quick Grab/Release Phone Stand! Yes, I know another mechanical design. I told you before I liked them!

Download: Thingiverse


Fun & Cool 3D Print Ideas​

As if normal lithophanes weren’t enough already. You can also add color to lithophanes. With the free tool of ItsLitho you are only a couple of clicks away from making an intriguing color lithophane yourself!

Free Tool: Itslitho


Fun & Cool 3D Print Ideas​

In this new era of 3D Printing there is no reason you should develop Carpel Tunnel Syndrome while playing your favorite video game right? I mean come on we can fix that!

Add a bit of style and comfort with these Ergonomic Grips for your Nintendo Switch. The simple yet effective design of the Switch Ergonomic Grip will save you pain and discomfort in the long run!

Maker: Vector Finesse

Download: Cults3D


Fun & Cool 3D Print Ideas​

Up until 3 months ago, if you asked me what my favorite thing to 3D print was, I would have told you Lithophanes. However, the Coronavirus has changed that. Owning a 3D printer has allowed me to create Face Shields and give them away to our health care works who are sacrificing themselves to help us all live through the effects of the Coronavirus.

This Face Shield by 3DVerkstan, is simple to print, and uses a standard whole punch to attach the shield to the 3D print. I used some cheap transparency sheets as the shield, since they are most likely discarded after a single use.

No need to worry about it lasting a week.

Download: Youmagine


Fun & Cool 3D Print Ideas​

The Cute Mini Octopus by McGybeer, takes the Flexi animals to a whole new level! Not only are they cool, the Cute Mini Octopus really displays what makes 3D printing a unique technology.

The Cute Mini Octopus does this by allowing you to 3D print the entire object all at once. When it is removed from the build plate, it is completely flexible. No other manufacturing technology would be able to do that!


Download: Thingiverse


Fun & Cool 3D Print Ideas​

This is one of those simple and very practical designs. The Stronger Caribiner by BKGRA115 incorporates a self closing spring and an overall stronger design.

I have personally 3D printed a number of these and use them on everything!

Maker: BKGRAY115

Download: Thingiverse


Fun & Cool 3D Print Ideas​

Headsets have become immensely popular in recent years, it doesn’t matter if you are listening to a Podcast or Playing an Online Game, eventually you will find yourself with a headset.

Rather than just throw it into a drawer, why not 3d print yourself a Headset Holder? Designer Heliox, has come up with a simple solution!

Maker: Heliox

Download: Cults3D


Fun & Cool 3D Print Ideas​

Battery storage is one of those Age Old problems, that always seems to linger around! Thankfully a Thingiverse user by the name of Adoniram swoops in for the rescue with his Stackable Battery Holders!

The Stackable Battery Holders come in 3 sizes for AA batteries, AAA batteries, and C Size batteries. They can also be stacked on top of one another, or they can be mounted on the wall.


Download: Thingiverse


Fun & Cool 3D Print Ideas​

The Floating Cup by BWASLO is one of those cool, yet effective 3D designs. Much Like the “The Impossible Table”, the Floating Cup adds a bit of mysticism at first glance. The Floating Cup by BWASLO is one of those cool, yet effective 3D designs. Much Like the “The Impossible Table”, the Floating Cup adds a bit of mysticism at first glance. 

The cup seems to be just floating in mid-air while pouring out its contents!

Maker: Bill Waslo

Download: Thingiverse


Fun & Cool 3D Print Ideas​

The Foldable Robot-BD Logo ver is a paid .stl file, but it could not be left out of the list. In fact much like some of the other 3D prints on our list, it really highlights some of the advantages of 3D printing technology.

The Foldable Robot-BD Logo ver is 3D printed in one piece, however, once it is removed from the build plate, you can bend it into Bender Bending Rodríguez!


Download: Fab365


Fun & Cool 3D Print Ideas​

Who doesn’t love a good puzzle cube? Well the Screwless Cube Gears by Emmett does not disappoint. This design is 3D printed in a number of pieces then simply pressed together.

The result is a fully functional set of gears in the shape of a cube.

Maker: Emmett

Download: Thingiverse


Fun & Cool 3D Print Ideas​

From kids to adults, there is something fascinating by the Flexi line of 3D prints. However, who doesn’t love a cute dinosaur? Flexi Rex is a super simple yet very captivating 3D print.

One of the things that make it so fascinating is the fact that Flexi Rex is 3D printed all in one piece. There is no assembly required, or breaking off of supports. Simply remove it from the print bed and deliver it to your friends in amazement!

Maker: DrLex

Download: Thingiverse


Fun & Cool 3D Print Ideas​

One of the things that make 3D printing so GREAT is the ability to create customizable parts and pieces. How much would it cost to have someone design and manufacture a custom stormtrooper helmet for you?

Thanks to 3D printing and a Thingiverse user by the name of Geoffro, you can make your very own Star Wars Captain Phasma Helmet. Depending on the size of your 3D printer and your head, you can either 3D print the helmet in one piece or you can 3D print it in sections.


Download: Thingiverse


Fun & Cool 3D Print Ideas​

Why run out to the store and buy something when you can just 3D print it? This Fully assembled 3D printable wrench by barspin is a perfect example of the empowerment of owning a 3D printer means.

It is easy to print and serves a purpose, where you would otherwise have to rely on someone else to make it for you. 3D Printing allows you to do it yourself. This adjustable wrench is only 1 example of the many tools and job aids you can print.

Maker: barspin

Download: Thingiverse


Fun & Cool 3D Print Ideas​

Most of us are currently working from home when possible, and that could be a little boring at times. It’s not often, that we can say we’re missing our colleagues. 

To fill the time we normally spend on drinking a cup of coffee at the coffee machine, you can now get a strike with your own bowling alley! 

Download: MyMiniFactory


Fun & Cool 3D Print Ideas​

Are you a real mastermind and are you ready for a challenge? Dr. Brain Breaker accepts your challenge!

The 3D printed puzzle from Thomas Buseyne consist 56 pieces and skull. Since the puzzle is not only 3D printed, but also 3 dimensional it adds a different layer of complexity.

Can you solve it? 

Download: MyMiniFactory


Fun & Cool 3D Print Ideas​

Besides plane lithophanes there are way more options of printing these little magical objects. 

They can be turned into lampshades, nightlights or even in bell shapes which are a perfect way of expressing lithophanes.

Free Tool: Itslitho

It’s never too early to think about Christmas Ornament, or is it?

Lithophanes are one of the most wanted 3D printed products during this festive period. This because lithophanes fit these lightful months perfectly.

Therefore it’s never to early of thinking about a good plan to making these Christmas Ornaments. 

Maker: 3DNewb

Guide: DIY 3D Printed Christmas Ornament