Heart Lithophane – Personalize your 3D Printed Valentine Box

This 3D Printed Valentine’s heart lithophane provides an excellent opportunity to show your loved one that 3D printing is not only an overpriced hobby. 

3D Printed Heart lithophane box

Heart Lithophane Box Guide

Are you looking for that very special 3D print that will make your crush fall instantly in love with you?

Well, if you find it, please let us know..

BUT, we might have a 3D print for you, that definitely helps you to express your love to them in the shape of a 3D printed heart, thanks to Michael Noel from Litho3D.

What makes this valentine’s 3D print is so awesome, is that it’s made in combination with a lithophane. With some help from ItsLitho, you can personalize this model yourself!

One of the challenges with lithophanes is lighting them up. This box is specially made to light up your personalized lithophane!

This guide will walk you through the steps to make yourself a heart-shaped valentine lithophane box!

Valentine lithophane heart box

3D Printed Heart lithophane box



3D Printed Heart lithophane box

Personalize Your Lithophane Heart

Let’s start by personalizing your heart lithophane. The following link is a dedicated lithophane template for this heart box:


The image from the template is just an example, which you can replace.

Prepare your image

Let’s head over to the “Upload” tab and remove the current image. Then upload the image you want to use for your lithophane.

We recommend using an image where the focus point is centered. The heart shape cuts off some parts of your image.

Use the “Edit” tab of the tool to improve & optimize the lithophanes contrast when lighted. 

Model your Lithophane

The most important step in the “model” tab for the valentine’s heart box design is the minimum (Min Thick) and maximum thickness (Max Thick), which can be found under the “shape options”.

Depending on the filament you are going to use, this could be more optimized. In our store, you can filaments that work well with lithophanes, and suggested min/max thickness. 

The valentine’s lithophane box is compatible for 0.8-3.0mm thicknesses but should work until 4mm max thickness. So keep an eye on the max thickness.

However, the default settings are a perfect starting point.

It’s important to notice that there is no attribute required for this design.

When you are happy with the looks of your lithophane, click on the download button and download your Lithophane! 


3D Printed Heart Lithophane Box

Download & Print your Lithophane Heart Box

After downloading your lithophane, we need to download the heart box model for the lithophane. 

The download package contains:

Download the files here at Cults3D.

Print your models

For the Heart Lithophane, we recommend printing it vertically on the build plate and upside down with supports. You can find more Lithophane printing information & slicer setting tips here.

Heart lithophane slicer view

The other models can be printed as shown in the picture below.

Heart 3D print slicer view


3D Printed Heart lithophane box

Assemble your Heart Lithophane Box

When all parts are printed, you can assemble the Valentine’s Box together. 

To do this, you’ll need the following requirements:

led light

First of all, we recommend adding aluminum foil to the inside of the box.

The aluminum foil helps to reflect the light & avoids it from passing through the box.

Press the front of the heart in the foil to get an outline, and cut the shape out of the foil. 

Heart light box 3D print

The second step is to install the led strip inside of the heart box.

You’ll need to insert the led strip through the hole. Then glue the socket to the valentine’s box.  

Then, you can install the led strip inside of the box. There is enough room between the lithophane and the back of the box to install two rounds of the led strip.

In the end, just cut the strip at the desired length.

heart box light attachment

Now, you can finalize the assembly.

Insert the lithophane, attach the cover, and slide the box on the stand. You can use some glue if the parts won’t stick. 

And it’s done, you’re ready to offer a personalized Valentine’s lithophane box.


heart box lithophane result

More 3D printed Valentine gift ideas

This is just one of the many ideas that are possible with the heart lithophane. Lithophanes are in general great and unique gifts, also for valentine. They are easy to design & personalize. Read our other guide on making your own 3D printed Valentine’s Design

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