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What Is A Lithophane

A lithophane is a very special piece of art from the past. It has a rich history and has evolved over many years. The art has its charms because of the unique way it’s displayed.

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The History Of The Lithophane

Perhaps one of the most unusual and exciting art forms to emerge from the early 19th century was the lithophane. The lithophane has a rich history. The artworks were an innovation in the art world back then. The invention is generally credited by Baron Paul de Bourguignon, of Rubelles, France in 1827.

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A lithophane is a very exciting and unique creation of art from the past. The art form is unique because of the way it’s displayed. To display the lithophane it needs light to reveal it’s true beauty! Read more about lithophanes and history of the lithophane.

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Itslitho Lithophane software

Itslitho is 3D print lithophane maker software. Itslitho converts digital images into 3D model STL files. The STL files are for the use of 3D printed lithophanes. If you own a 3D printer, you can slice the 3D model STL and print it with your 3D printer. If you wanna know more about our software tool you can find more information on our homepage. If you wanna go directly to our software tool, you can use it for free on our lithophane maker.